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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Project Malay Novel: Selling Novel Melayu on Ebay! Malaysia

Early December, My Wife and I have decided to implement small project; selling Malay Romantik Novel second hand book. At early discussion of drafting the project, we haven't have enough confidence in selling Malay Novels, but when we looked back at mid-year of 2008, we have selling 7 books of Malay Novel within 14 days. We proceed with the decision to run the project.

My wife then called her friend who have collection of Malay novel and she just asked her friend if she wanted to sell off her collection. At the end, she agreed to sell. Project started here.

On June 2008, I have sold 7 books that I have found in my sister's closet. Without asking further permission, I listed all at Ebay! Malaysia and the sales result turned up to be so great. Within 14 days, the books had been sold out. Most of the buyers are from women because they appreciate romantic novel that is full with emotion.

For the first week, my goal is to sell 30% of total book with bidding style, let the buyers control the price. 

Within 3 months, I expected to sell all the Malay novels to the respective buyers and hope I will boost my hiccup sales lately. 

I cannot disclose the exact amount of the projected profit, but I planned to achieve about 20% of the total sales.

This project will be reviewed and analyzed within one months period.

List of Malay Romantic Novels.
  • 1. Gelora Jiwa - Aisya Sofea
  • 2. Jalinan Memori - Norhayati Berahim 
  • 3. Kisah Kasih - Kreisya Reisya
  • 4. Hanya Kerana Cinta - Norhayati Berahim 
  • 5. Ombak Rindu - Fauziah Ashari
  • 6. Biru Ungu - Noor Suraya 
  • 7. Seindah Derita - Norhayati Berahim 
  • 8. Arca Kasih - Norzailina Nordin 
  • 9. Mencari Cinta - Leeya Myra
  • 10. Cinta Tiada Akhirnya - Fauziah Ashari 
  • 11. Tak Semanis Impian - Sharifah Abu Salem 
  • 12. Yang Terindah - Anis Ayuni 
  • 13. Kau untukku - Aisya Sofea
  • 14. Sayang Tak Terucap 
  • 15. Lewat Musim Itu - Norhayati Berahim 
  • 16. Sesuci Cinta - Aina Emir
  • 17. Senandung Senja - Rahman Daud
  • 18. Cinta Pertama - Norhayati Berahim 
  • 19. Rindu Semalam - Puteri Andalas
  • 20. Air Mata Kasih - Syamimi Aminolah 
  • 21. Pesona Rindu - Sharifah Abu Salem 

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Anonymous 11/29/2010 2:27 AM  

Bro, ade lagi tak novel Melayu second hand? Kalo ade, I minat nak beli lah... Please send me the list n price to:


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