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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A schoolgirl who kicked her own teacher

I remember when I was in my secondary school at Kajang [year 1996 to year 2000], most of the years, I failed to show interest of learning in school. I always got last place or second last place since started Form 1 until Form 4. I was a lazy student with straight Fs, I felt emptiness and I never had an initiative to study hard, or smart. I was thinking somewhere else when my teacher taught me about complex Advance Math (Add Math), my eyes were wide open as if I really understood The History, but I could think about is, girl. I slept on my table at Science subject and skipped the class as soon as Basic Accounting lesson began. I only 'remember' the definition of economy (after I being forced to remember by my teacher) but didn't understand what economy actually is.

Student Attack

I had violated the school regulations for three time in 1999 which I'm not about to discuss it here. I may be a bad student or a a lazy schoolboy or whatever you want to call it, but i never:

  • Kicked a good and decent teacher who sincerely teach us and want us to be excellent and honorable people

This video showed the teacher who first attacked the student, usually we call it the schoolgirl.

From my point of view, no teacher would launch a fight with her adorable students, unless the student put the spark on her fury.

A Little Advise To Our Future Leaders.

Regarding of what was happened last week, I want to give a little advise to all Malaysian pupils who are still studying in secondary school.

  • Never kick your teacher, unless you teacher told you something wrong and misguided. Call me and I will kick it for you.
  • Love your teachers and friends, they are your guidance.
  • Act according to your brain, not your rage.
  • Study smart, not study hard (I learned this quote from the wall of my classroom).
  • Just listen to what your teacher have told you.
  • Don't get lazy, bring up some good attitude. Your behaviour right now reflecting of what you will become in ten years. Believe me.


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