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Monday, May 26, 2008

How To Save Money On Movies and Avoid Spending More

There are many ways to save money on movies. You may love so much watching movies at cinema or on DVDs but you a very budget to cope with the living cost. This post could provide a little relief of your movies madness.

First, lets look at the illegal approaches to watch movies with little or no money at all. They seem like the best ways to save money but you'll may find trouble with the higher authority if you get caught. I only want to show you ways of saving money on movies and I'm not highly encourage people to follow this approach but if you want to, don't get caught. Simple.

  • Buy pirated DVD. Buy at pasar malam (night market) or selected shopping mall which is illegal. Cost of buying a DVD: RM 5 - RM 15. I was once found 20 movies in one DVD and that is outrageous, pirates these days are really technologically advanced.
  • Rip movies from file-sharing or torrent. Watch for copyright title or else, you will face problems with lawsuits.
  • Direct download from RadipShare and FileFactory.

Here I point out for the legal ways to save money on movies (not including P2P, filesharing, illegal copies which enabling copyright infringement). You want to save some money for bigger purpose but you can't leave your loves of movies and TV series.

  • Plan your budget. Include the appropriate amount that you want to spend for movies on your budget. Too much it will blow your money, too little and you can't reach your satisfaction.
  • Go for super Wednesday. Both TGV and GSC cut down their prices in half on Wednesdays.
  • Chase the ticket of early bird. Buy ticket for the first show of the day (usually at 11.00 a.m.) which actually can save your money.
  • Borrow from your friend and family. I usually keep waiting for my friends or my brother to buy new DVDs, so I can borrow it.
  • Rent DVD.
    • Eflix Sdn Bhd is biggest DVD rental store in Malaysia, almost every title available in this store. Link via my88db.
    • Although the interface and the design are ugly, videos2u provides great offers on movies. Free delivery, no late charge (as shown on the banner). Read the FAQ to know the rates.
  • Don't buy movies at all, just wait for free broadcast TV to show the movie. May consumes two years or three years.
  • Watch movies online. There are several website that provide you good link to watch movie online for free. Only the problem is that you have be patience because there's a lot buffering, depends on youinternet connection speed. Link via watch-movies and tv-live plus SurfTheChannel.
  • Watch or buy only the good ones. Buy reading some reviews and stars on the movies that you want to buy, you may save some money instead of throwing away the DVD after you watching because it was a toilet-junk movie. IMDB and RottenTomatoes are the reliable resources of movies, they tell you which movie is good and which movie is not. Make a regular visit to IMDB top 250 films and tomatometer of 80% or higher.
  • Buy second hand DVD. You can easily buy it on eBay!Malaysia or Lelong.

If you have brilliant ideas on how to save money on movies, please don't hesitate to help us with your opinions on the comment box below.


Wendi 6/13/2008 12:35 PM  

Great tips for cheap entertainment! That is always needed.

muoss 6/17/2008 11:08 AM  

thanks for these tips.
another option for movie lovers..
is to gather a group of friends..and organise movie nights..perhaps someone buy the dvd and everybody can gather n watch together. can use the time to socialise and share cost of food as well.

Tabuxander 6/17/2008 10:47 PM  

thx the additional's useful..

Anonymous 9/18/2008 10:19 PM  

thank you for all the tips! :-)

there's another great site for online tv - free full length episodes of all the top shows from gossip girl to southpark - and it's totally safe and legal - no downloads.

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