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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Chronology of my life

Author's note: this page will be updated regularly.

The year.

  • The year I was born.


  • Couldn't remember.


  • The year of primary school: i couldn't barely read 'till the end of the first year.




  • My first spectacle.




  • I got straight A's in UPSR. I make my dad proud, but didn't get my present.


  • First year of boarding school: I realized that this school has a strong spirit of seniority. You have to give a respect to your senior or upper level above you. You have to serve them like a king; or your butt will be kicked. and you'll be treated like a dog.



  • I had 6As in PMR. And a D in Arabic Language.


  • A goal post fallen onto my head and there was a blood all over my face. The unbearable pain and agony came through me, I was brought to the nearest hospital. I will remember that night for all my life.


  • SPM Trial examination pass with excellent result, got A in most subjects.
  • Losing a scholarship selection due to bad result of SPM. Failed in Arabic language subject.


  • Matriculation study where my college is located in between two palm estate and abandoned shop lots buildings.
  • Built a network of friends.


  • Further study to degree.
  • Had been dumped by my ex-girlfriend, gave me RM 500 for the sake of being nice to her for 7 months. Sad at first and then bought RM 450 acoustic guitar instead. Looking back at this memory, I realized that she is nothing, below par, and too far behind compared to my wife.


  • 2nd year of university life.
  • My laziness index had come to the highest point and my GPA had dropped to the lowest point because I played a lot and and less effort on study .
  • The time I wasting for the whole year, was not wasted.


  • 3rd of university life, nothing impressive happened. Just wanted to complete my credit hours.


  • Industrial training at Bank Pertanian Malaysia. Why did they changed the name to Agro Bank? . Don't suppose to love our own language?
  • The year of unemployment and underemployed.
  • This is the year that I met my future wife.
  • The worst accident happened in my life. A car from behind hit my car and it was turning upside down and rolling three time before it hit the tree. I realized I was on the back passenger seat (I don't know how I got there from the driver's seat). I came out out of the car without injury, not even a scratch. Thank god, I'm not wearing a seat belt.


  • The first real job as a bank officer. From 8 a.m untill 10.00 p.m, no social life.
  • Save money for marriage ceremony. Luckily, I managed to save RM 1000 per month.


  • Get Married. The best year of my life. At last, something extraordinary good has happened in my life; a soulmate. I can't believe this dream came true.


  • My wife gave birth to my baby boy. Another wonderful year of my life.
  • My life is running on the right track, has enough money for my family to provide house for shelter and food to survive.


KuDin 8/15/2008 10:26 PM  

aiyooo tabok..awat tak pernah citer bender2 mcm nie... hahah anyway tgk skang dah happy everything ader laa hikmah nyer kan..oklaa biler mau main futsal ngan dak fivers nie..takkan asyik kunci pintu ngan wifey je ke.ahahah chalos

Tabuxander 8/17/2008 9:15 PM  

Biase la.. takkan nak cite kat orang, tak baik. haha

Hatherly 10/11/2008 11:17 AM  

your life is quite interesting, please tell us more...

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