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Friday, April 04, 2008

Your Personal Information May Not Secure When You Travelling With Air Asia

Aurhor's note: This post is not concern about money and finance but it is worth sharing.
We know that Air Asia is well known with the cheap, no-frills flight service with brilliant slogan 'now everybody can fly'. Today I want to share about the Air Asia has violated law of privacy by sharing personal information to third parties. This guy has made a complaint pertaining that his personal information such as IC no. and full name was obtained by anonymous company.

''I am a current customer of airasia and have an account with airasia website for online ticket booking purposes. 30 minutes ago, a man called my mobile number and claimed to be an agent for a company offering products such as insurance and hotel resort memberships. While explaning his products, i asked him where did he obtained my personal information and he perlied he got it from airasia. Being curious, i asked him what other information that he knew about me and it seems that me knows not only me full name, but also my general flight information i had with airasia as well as my IC number in full!!!''
I also had same experience with this guy, I've got unexpected call from insurance agent said my life will be insured for the sum of RM500,000 if anything happens while I'm travelling with Air Asia. While visiting Air Asia Website, I found privacy policy the air asia practice-Privacy under subtopic Sharing of Information Collected. It is stated that Air asia may share about all our users with third parties but without any personal information.
''Personal information we collect from you may be disclosed to: +our bank for authorization of transaction and for payment +relevant third parties eg. booking agents and hotels +authorized government bodies if legally required to do AirAsia does not sell or rent any personal information you provide on our web site to any other parties. AirAsia may share anonymous, aggregated information about all our users with third parties but will not supply any personal information.''
After reading this, I may not be shocked why my phone keeps ringing and to find calls from telemarketers, tell me about how good the items are, and then begging you to buy it. My phone information might possibly be at the hand of insurance agent who trying to sell his product right now. If the air asia don't share personal infomation, then how come the guy's personal information leaked? My opinion is that someone from insider or Air Asia staff has breached the security database, ripped off all the personal information, and then sold it to other parties.



Anonymous 4/04/2008 10:19 PM that I'm scared. Airasia suck

Kassa 4/04/2008 10:21 PM  

WE HAVE NO OPTION. We have no choice..only air asia offers you cheap price..

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