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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Top 5 Time Management Tips That We Should Follow.

I’ve wasted my three years of university life by not taking serious about my study, I could see my overall result was very terrible and I am not very proud of it. My life turned out to be chaos and disorganized, I always forgot want to do and I was doing things that completely wasted. I wish I could back time and fixed it but I can’t. Time is very precious to us; no one can turn back time. Our life become well organized if we success in managing our time competently. It’s time for to take in charge of our time by taking tips that I found very helpful and practical.

1. 12 hour to better time management.

‘’Here, then, is the backbone of a good system you can implement in 12 hours (or less). Give yourself a week or three to get it up and running, and see if the time you invest in it now isn’t returned to you several times over down the line.’’

This post asks us to sit down and take your time to list everything down that occur throughout the year from electric bill due date to reminder your love one’s birthday. This post advice us for set up proper calendar, set up password system that effective, and create checklist for recurring tasks. It can be useful GTD tool for our messed up schedule, it only takes 12 hours to better time management.

2. How Do Spend My Time?

Trent of thesimpledollar revealed his timetable and I want to say that this is the best personal timetable ever. He spends a lot of time doing research and writing. His timetable consists a lot of productivity values such as exercise, doing puzzle, listening to audiobook, and reading. I try to follow through his timetable but I found that I have a problem with waking up in 4 am in the morning, I felt dizzy and I couldn’t stand to fight the sleepiness. Trent tells us that your schedule should match with our interest. If you not passionate about what you do, you may not be able to follow what you have planned.

''This doesn’t work without passion. If I wasn’t passionate about my main job, my writing, and my family, this would have never worked. I would have found reasons to let something down. If you’re going to try to effectively juggle so many activities at once, make sure they all fill you with passion.''

3. 11 solid ways to improve your Time Management Skill

4.Concentrate on One Thing: The human mind works more efficiently when it is focused. As we’ve seen before multitasking is actually a disadvantage to productivity. Focus on one thing and get it done. Take care not to bleed tasks into each other. At times, multitasking may seem like a more efficient route, but it is probably not.’

This post focuses on improving your time management that already existed. Your time management is not working recently you might consider this tip because it may gives great impact on productivity. The best tip is No. 4: concentrate on one thing. My opinion is that multitasking raise the level of productivity only at your best performance time. You will lose concentration and you will not focus.

4. Managing your time effectively

Spend your quality time with your priorities because that is the time you can boost your creativity effectively. Fill up your quality time with your first priority task. This post also advices us to concentrate your time with important tasks only and eliminate tasks that are inappropriate. Your time management should be flexible if any unpredicted things happen.

‘’ If learning and getting good grades are high on your priority list, then you will have to budget time for attending classes regularly, for preparing, studying, and reviewing, plus additional time for papers, reports and other special assignments.’’

5. Beating procrastination.

This article help you to avoid procrastination no matter what. Your productivity may decrease, your important task has passed the dateline, or your project might not complete as promised if you not implement appropriate steps to overcome procrastination. One of reason we procrastinate is finding a good 'mood' to start a task or a project. offers you 3 simple steps to battle with procrastination

''To have a good chance of conquering procrastination, you need to spot straight away that you're doing it. Then, you need to identify why you're procrastinating and taken appropriate steps to overcome the block.''

Never give up

For those who never run their life on schedule before, it takes some time to deal with slot of time and timetable. You might fail to follow your own schedule because you are new to it. Don’t give up on implementing new system in our own life; you should encourage yourself to remain resilient if you really want to spend your time efficiently.

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