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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Save every cent on petrol: effective tips for early 20s

Do you feel the heat when you heard the news that crude oil has crawled to $114 per barrel? I wish I don't want to use car for commuting to office but I live in a residence area that has unacceptable public bus services where the buses schedule is not time-efficient and I really don't like about it. However, I surf the website and I found useful tips and advices that can be apply to my usage of petrol. Here are the notable tips on how save money that found on while surfing on the internet. If you're not in the mood to read right now, you can watch the video instead:

How To Save Money On Gas

1. Brake slowly.
Press your brake slowly and you'll save some petrol. If you drive fast and brake when get near to traffic light, your petrol consumption is not efficient.

2. Turn off your air condition.
By not using air condition will save you significant petrol usage
and you will appreciate the air outside. But I guess it is not appropriate if you turn off air condition during the sun is seven inch from your head. We live in a country where hot and rain throughout the year, don't get dehydrated by a mid-day sun.

3. Drive slower.

Change your attitude and your driving habit. Try not to drive too fast, you're getting nowhere and there's nothing to chase. I know young people love to drive fast, but the more you hammer your fuel pedal, the more petrol you'll burn.

4. Drive Manual Transmission
The purpose of driving manual transmission is to keep low of rpm.
Try shifting your gear before you reach rpm 3. Believe me, you'll save every penny on petrol bill. I regularly use gear 2 for start and then shift to gear 4 instead to keep rpm low.

5. Turn On Autocruise.
When you hit the highway, it's better for you to switch on auto cruise so you get better mileage when you travel to your long-distance kampong. It maintains your speed plus your petrol. My Kelisa doesn't have that advance driving mode so I will enjoy the experience of auto cruise.

6. Avoid idling.

Your petrol is consumed where your car is going nowhere. Turn off your engine if you out of your car for over 10 minute. You'll waste your petrol economy about 19% and it also bad for environment because stillness car produces excessive carbon dioxide, bad your health too.

7. Your petrol cap is closed tighly

Don't you ever left your fuel cap behind or at the roof of your car. It'll make your fuel evaporate slowly and you'll waste RM15 for new fuel cap.(I had left it many times)

8. Inflate your tires to the specified level
My Kelisa's standard level is 29 PSI. I check regularly on tyre pressure once every two weeks. Your deflated tyres will create dragging, make your car moves slower, fuel inefficiency, and may hurt your tyre's life. Know your tyre inflate level saves you money.

9. Carpool

One way to save petrol and your money by not using your car. Use other people's car and you'll be benefited from this. Get to know your colleague deeply during carpooling and save petrol usage for a day. Less car, less traffic.

I found a surprisingly unusual tip from on How to Save Money on Gas - 29 Tips. One of his point of saving money is to follow big truck in front of you, it can reduces your car drag. Here I quote some of the article
''..Ride the slipstream__This driving technique has given me some excellent mileage when I used to commute long distance a long time ago. Obviously, it requires a bit of skill and it's not exactly recommended, since you should pay attention to the road and we all know, most people who read this just don't. However it is probably one of the best "secret" fuel saving tips I can give you. This technique is frequently used by race car drivers to gain speed and truck convoys to save fuel. Every car has a certain amount of drag (or wind resistance). This drag, the rolling resistance of your tires (see below under maintenance) and the friction in your engine are the three main causes of reduced efficiency. A car moving through the air causes the air to split around the car and turbulence behind the car (the slipstream). If you drive your car into another cars slipstream, both cars will save fuel (less turbulence). The following car saves the most gasoline. Now remember, I am not advocating to tailgate. However, you can try to find a large truck (more turbulence and a longer slipstream tail) and slip in there. Now you can still keep some distance (unlike the NASCAR driver) and still save gas. However, many people cannot regulate their speed without braking (see above). In this case you are probably better off just keeping your distance and not braking..''


pressure vessels 4/20/2009 8:25 PM  

nice blog. these tips are very helpful.

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