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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Ringgit paths to heaven: 2nd April 2008

This post offers great and interesting links that converse about money, finance, and economy.

Here I've found 4 articles that catched my eyes when i was roaming around the blogosphere.

1. From mathematical genius to smart hooker

''Sufiah Yusof was just 13 years old when she was admitted to the prestigious university to study mathematics.But 10 years on, Miss Yusof now earns £130 an hour working as a prostitute from her flat in Salford, Manchester, according to the News of the World.''
Who knows what will be in future. No matter how good you are, you may become the lowest level of human society - or shall I say 'garbage'? It very sad that our genius has become geniusly a £130-an-hour hooker. One more thing, don't blame for your own parent, they have the right to decide your life and what they've done is for the best.

2. Financial Freedom is About Spending Less than You Earn.
''This is the heart of what I mean when I say that we all need to spend less than we earn. No matter what we make, we need to spend less than that amount. I go over this again and again, using examples from both extremes to make my point.''
I totally I agree with this and here are my suggestion; stop buying what you want, stop escalating your credit card balance, stop applying personal loan just for buying your expensive dream toy, stop buying a new luxury car that costs you more than your life, stop everything that can distorts your networth.

3. Success Stories: $800,000 Net Worth By His Early 40s?
''Money brings us the story of Bill Scott. At the time of the article, Scott had been and I believe still was a master sergeant in the Marines, and from the sound of it, he had a relatively modest salary.''
This is an example of how savings habit can make you successful financially. By saving $100 from younger age, he is now $800,000 net worth.

4. College saving: Do it now
''Parents are spending record amounts for their children's education. The average cost for tuition, fees, room and board at a four-year private college is $32,307 this year, as calculated by the College Board. That's up 6% from the prior academic year''
Although the economy is facing slowdown recently, it is recommended to start putting your coin into a piggy bank. Never too early for child education fund, better start from your children were born.


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