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Monday, April 21, 2008

My baby grows up rapidly, as well as our expenses

As at 21 february, my son is 2 months and 2 weeks old and he is growing up so healthy. He started to roll on one side but unable to complete full roll, may be next month. His neck grows strong and his arm muscle grows stronger.

As our baby is developing rapidly, our expenses is expanding as well. In order to cater our baby's need, there a lot of purchases on baby items lately. We had to use some of our savings to buy for one-time-purchase items which involved big amount that excess our pocket money.

Here I point our baby boy's expenses. We try to spend on average, and try not to overspend on extravagant baby's items. Before we bought something cheap, we have to analyze each item whether the item provides good quality to our baby.

Regular expenses

1. Pampers - RM 200.00.
Many people complain about Pampers diapers that always cause leaking and frequent changing, but our baby is fine with this diaper. He didn't at all and I didn't notice the leaking so far.

2. Formula milk - RM 40.00 for 700 grams
We have tried a formula milk that fairly cheap which equals to our baby's requirement (something to do with nutrition, i don't know about that). But our baby got constipation after consumed that milk. We have to buy new formula milk due to his constipation.

3. Unscented Baby Wipes - RM 2.90 , Best buy at Tesco.

4. Monthly medical : RM 50.00

5. Clothes : more than RM 30.00 – I didn't make proper calculation yet, my friend said the baby will grow up so fast it won't fit the clothes that you bought now. So better not to buy many clothes for the first 3 months.

One-time-purchase expenses

1. Cradle - RM 79.90 – my baby will not sleep without this.
2. Baby Carseat - RM 159.00 , 20% off at manjaku – this act as a safety seat for our baby.
3. Stroller – free, my wife got present from her office, we save money on this one.
4. Small closet - RM 49.90
5. Big basket - RM 15.90
6. Others – baby bottle, thermometer, baby bed, bag etc. - RM 300.00

This is our baby's expenses so far. For regular expenses we expected to amount about RM 3874.80 per year. One-time-purchase expenses are RM 604.80. We didn't our baby boy's expenses because it is still under our family budget. We didn't include the babysitter monthly fee which costs us RM 200; we got the best deal from my wife's friend. I would say that it is affordable service and our babysitter takes a good take of our baby boy.

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Carson Ding 4/23/2008 2:44 PM  

Yes, totally understand what you are experiencing.

Remember to also save money aside for your baby. Save in Skim Simpanan Pendidikan Nasional with PTPTN. Save little now, it will snowball to a big sum when your child is ready to go to university.


Tabuxander 4/23/2008 9:24 PM  

thanks carson, i will do like other decent father did; build up the university fund for my baby

Nadlique 5/02/2008 7:28 AM  

It sure is costly to raise a kid. But the joy and happiness that brings, is just priceless eh?

By the way, talking about pampers, have you thought of using cloth napkins instead? Messy, yeah, but it'll save you heaps :)

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