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Monday, April 14, 2008

Money and Five Things I truly hate doing

This post was inspired by simple dollar's article: reflection on money and I want to share with you on how money can reflected by five things i most truly hate doing.

''what five things do you most truly hate doing? You hate thinking about them and doing them in everyway? Are these in any way worth the reward you get for doing this?''

1. Go to work.
I hate to go to work. I hate my company. I hate everything in the organization. But I have to face a reality. I keep telling myself that I need to show my commitment to my job, working efficiently from 8 am to 5 pm, and be nice to every one.

My job is my only source of income. I have to do it to financially support my family expenses; I keep working as I feel responsibilities as a leader of family. I wish I could do something that I love for a living but I can't. I still put my greatest effort to land my dream jobs.

My dream job is self-employed and working at home, take care of my children, enjoying every moments together, and be the greatest father to my loving children.

2. Make a monthly budget.
I admit that I didn't like to do a monthly budget and I wish I could spend my money with nothing to worry. But I think again, my family does need a budget, We could go broke if we didn't supervise our cash flow. Although I hate doing this, but worth it, when we know where our money went.

3. Help my wife doing housework.
Laundry, cooking, house cleaning, and changing diapers – those are the things that I didn't really into it. I'm doing housework because I want to treat my wife as a partner, not as a housemaid. So we tolerate each other on many things not only on housework matter, that what's marriage is all about.

4. Saving my money instead of buying things I desire
I was sweating bucket when I look PS3 through the glass of the gaming outlet in mall, I had to hold on my desire of buying that gadget. I have money and it's enough to buy it but I must set aside that money for savings. The truth is, I hate saving my money. The reason I save my money and go for the right investment is because it will reward me someday in future. It is good for me and my family to build up wealth early, I rather hate today and not having regrets tomorrow.

I cannot think the number five that I hate doing things regularly because my life is full of happiness recently. I have a loving wife with my newborn baby boy that excite my journey of life.

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