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Thursday, April 17, 2008

2008 Malaysian Economy News and Articles

Editor's Note: This post is updated regularly
This post consists a collection of 2008 Malaysia economy news that have been separated accordingly by month. I regularly collect the news that focus on consumer items, inflation, the malaysian growth, and news that I think relevant. Resources that I usually visit are Utusan Malaysia online, The Star, Business Times, and News Straits Time
. I decided to update this post regularly and put it on the sidebar.

2008 Malaysia Economy News

Malaysia 2008 economy outlook.

20 companies to watch in Malaysia, Part 2
2008 CPI seen rising at minimum pace of 2.5pc. Full story
Fuel subsidy unsustainable
Inflation is top issues
Malaysia inflation rate stabilises in Jan
Rising price on productivity
Teh tarik and the inflation

2008 richest man in malaysia, Read full story
Aiming for top 10 on World Bank list
Coping with higher cost of living
Funds in Malaysia post average 3.99% loss
Future shocks in the financial world
Malaysia to revise electricity tariffsMalaysians ate 964 tonnes of chicken in 2006
petronas CEO is 52nd
Pizza Hut, KFC may raise prices this year
Why he government shouldn't has to increase electricity tariff

4 Malaysians in Forbes Asia
12 mega projects in IDR to kick off this year
Economy can weather downturn
Invest Malaysia - enlightening, albeit subduedis the worst over?, part 2, part 3.
Local banks unlikely to tighten credit
Malaysia to maintain fuel subsidies. Read Full Story
Malaysia to remain resilient
Nazir_Merger between CIMB and Maybank not on the table
No signs of delay in mega projects
REPORT_gdp growth at 5.8% by 2050


Capital market will continue to expand
East Asia faces slower growth_world bank
No plans to increase price of local rice
water riddle, part 2, part 3.
Weakened Umno puts projects in jeopardy

If you have any link to economy news and articles that you would like contribute
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