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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ringgit paths to heaven: 27th March 2008

This post offers great and interesting links that converse about money, finance, and economy.

Here what I've found 5 best post and article that catched my eyes when i was roaming around the blogosphere.

1. 5 Strategies to Survive An Economic Slowdown

''If you lose your ability to generate income, do you have enough cash reserve to stay afloat? More importantly do you have an emergency plan to keep you out of trouble? ''

Here comes the slow.. by the time you read this, your current situation may be; jobless, no money, buried with debt, or trap in mortgage crisis. offers you 5 strategies to survive

''Apparently the average cost of raising a child has risen over the $200,000 level for the first time. This money stops at 18, no college, wedding and endowments beyond. Yep, just $200 grand hit to your personal finances to get this little guy through High School.As a parent of three it is amazing the costs, some hidden and some blatant in raising a kid.''

Thinking about raising a child?think again. But well, what the hell. Children are the long-term investments. Raising the children of 6 is my dream, I will put my hardest effort to realize it.

3. No Needs For A Budget – Use The Cost Of Living Approach

''Instead of playing with columns of numbers, drop one category of your budget and increase another one, you can simply try to save more money every month. If you can change your spending habits and put $500 aside several months in a row,you now can buy your new car (knowing that your saving capacity will drop down to $0)'' has a brilliant idea. I believe that most of us see the budget approach is too technical. It may be wasting your time if you're not really into it. Try dump some of your money into the savings immediately to avoid unnecessary spending, leave some money for daily expenses.

4. 10 Steps to Take if You Can’t Pay Your Bills

''A hardship plan can be many different things. They will often reduce the interest rate and lower the payments or they will allow you to make partial payments and tack the remaining balance onto the end of the loan.''
Tell the creditor you cannot pay bills, discuss with them to develop new plan for you. This point is the best step to take if you unable perform payment.

''Frugality is a way of life in Thailand. They were hilariously frugal. Things that we take for granted are guarded very closely in Thailand.''
Most of thai people having problems to cope with the cost of living.The salary is way below average of US people. Imagine if you if your salary $10 perday. Frugality is the only way to live, they try to save everything they have to make sure they can eat tommorrow. Frugality is the only way to survive.


The Financial Blogger 3/28/2008 8:01 AM  

Hey ! thx for the mention!

Tabuxander 3/31/2008 10:46 PM're welcome.

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