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Monday, March 31, 2008

Money and Five Things I Most Truly Love Doing.

This post was inspired by simple dollar's article: reflection on money and I want to share with you on how money can reflected by five things i most truly love doing.
''what five things do you most truly love doing?.Think of the things that you both enjoy in the moment and also enjoy looking back on later. Do any of these cost money?''
Watching movies
I used to watching movies with my wife every week because we both love it. Usually we didn't care about the genre or the title of the film since we have an activity that we are both enjoy. Well, one ticket costs me RM11 and we spend our money at cinemas about RM88 a month.

Walking on the park
The best activity that we both love doing is walking on the park or garden. We both sharing our stories or our favorite topic of the week and walking around and never stops talking and laughing.

Take Photographs
My wife loves so much in taking photos, she brings camera plus her cameraphone wherever she goes. She pushes the snap button when something caught her eyes. We happily doing this together and it involves no money, except for the initial investment to buy the camera and cameraphone that cost us RM1900 and the cost of printing the photos.

Read something at book store outlet.
On Sundays, we spice up our bored life by reading books and magazines at book store outlet that allows us to read more than 2 hours or so. This costs us nothing and we gain something valuable by doing this. Actually, we want to do this reading activity at the closest library but they don't open on Sunday

Visit our friends and relatives.
We often visit our families to make sure the valuable relationship is heathly and continuos. Yes, we enjoy doing this activity and delight every moment of it. We surely have to bring something nice like fruits and chocolates but not necessary expensive. If our friends and families visit us at our place, we have to buy a decent dinner for them, and involves some money but it worth spending. Togetherness brings happiness and laughs; it shares our feelings emotionally.


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