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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cooking our own meal. Save time vs. save money.

We know that the consumer goods are increasing recently. With the non-consumer goods are likely to escalate as well, me and my wife decided to cook at home rather than eat at restaurant.

But there’s other thing needs to consider and that is time. It is as valuable as money also. Money can be regenerated but time is irreversible. You cannot turn back the time no matter what.

Cooking at home does save you a lot of money. You can see the differences if you dining out. Let’s see if you eat restaurant, the price of a cup of rice is RM1.20. A cup of rice only costs you RM0.20 if you cook at home.

Cost of meals if we eat at restaurant:
Fish (2 persons) = RM 5.00
Chicken (2 persons) = RM6.00
Vegetable (2 persons) = RM 3.50
Total = RM14.50

And if we cook at home:
Fish (2 persons) = RM1.50 (saves RM3.50)
Chicken (2 persons) = RM2.00 (saves RM4.00)
Vegetable (2 persons) = RM1.00 (saves RM2.50)
Total = RM4.50

We save about RM 10 a day if we cook our own meals. In a year, we save about RM3600.

Cooking at home may eat up your time over an hour if you want to serve 3 dishes of food. Dining out actually save you a lot of time. Just choose any meal that you have in mind, call up waiter and order. In 15 minutes, your food is well served and ready to eat.

You save 1 hour when you eat at restaurant but cost you about RM7 per person (RM14.50/2). For one hour, you can many productivity things like writing, exercising, email answering, reading and many more.

As my opinion, eat at restaurant is for busy people whose time is precious and valuable item and it is not a good decision to cook at home despite it saves money.

For the ones who have family like us, it is the best for our money to cook at home plus we can spend time together doing the activity that we love.


Mr Tan 3/16/2008 12:22 AM  

i really wanna cook at home but i find it wasting time. My time is so important. I eat fast food instead

Zack 3/16/2008 12:23 AM  

Beware mr. Tan, fast food makes you fatter and unhealthy.

My Shine 3/18/2008 10:34 PM  

money and time play important parts in our life.. We have to think both to be balance. Too much attention on money, you'll lose a lot of time. Too much focus on time, you'll be broke and waste a lot of money. It's ours to decide whether we want to save money or time.

ALex Cape 3/18/2008 10:35 PM  

great and nice!!

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