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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Why the government shouldn’t has to increase electricity tariff.

Responding to the article about tariff revision proposed by TNB (Tenaga Nasional Berhad), I think it is time for the government of Malaysia and TNB reconsider about that revise.

MALAYSIA will have to revise electricity tariffs again as part of a plan to reduce costly energy subsidies, Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak said today”

The people already suffered the rise of the local items and groceries.
The prices of the usual goods have escalated for the past months. When the government announce oil subsidy reduction soon, all other prices will be up instantly. Why TNB wants to add up some pain in the wound?

The government should help Malaysian to ease the painful cost of living.
The government should think about the people first, rather than keep busy doing privatisation of government entities. The government should set up strategies upon battling with the cost of living.

The government and TNB should lower the electricity tariff to prevent mounting price of other items.
There’s relativity between the electricity tariffs and consumer goods prices. We had experienced last year how the tariff pushed the other items such as chicken, sugar, and cooking oil so high.

TNB should offer more subsidies to boost up economy growth, not to make money out of people’s pocket.
I believe that this year people tend not to spending as much as before, they rather saving because of the fear of not be able to cope with higher cost of living. My suggestion is TNB should give up profit and help to mount up the people spending confidence.

Read full article here > Malaysia to revise electricity tariffs: Najib

Tenaga Nasional Berhad is the one and only general power electric company in Malaysia. Visit official website.


yoo hee 2/12/2008 9:21 PM  

the goverment should put us priority no. 1, that's what the government for. to support people

stealmate 2/12/2008 9:22 PM  

i agree with you, YH

elena*mansor 2/15/2008 10:36 PM  

TNB only wants to put misery on us malaysian people.

Anonymous 2/18/2008 9:56 PM  

we beg you to think again,government.

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