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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Top Leaders and Politicians Who Have Been Murdered In The Past

Recently we heard news about Benazir Bhutto was murdered in suicide attack. I truly felt sorry for her death. Although I'm not really interested in politician, but Benazir Bhutto's assassination really catch my attention. Here I found the assassinations that occured around the world in the past . Most of the victims are the top leaders and policitians, a few were survived and others were not.

Target : Chinese Emperor Qin Shi Huang
Year: 210 BC
Assassin : Jing Ke
Result : Survived
Remarks : One of the earliest documented attempts.

Target : Roman Dictator Julius Caesar
Year: 44 BC
Assassin : Marcus Junius Brutus, Gaius Cassius Longinus, and others
Result : Killed
Remarks : Resulted in Civil War and indirectly to the end of the Roman Republic

Target : King James I of England, Parliament of England
Year: 1605
Assassin : Guy Fawkes
Result : Survived
Remarks :See the Gunpowder Plot.

Target :
French revolutionary Jean-Paul Marat
Year :
Assassin :
Charlotte Corday
Result :
Remarks :
Later often seen as a patriotic act.

Target : UK Prime Minister Spencer Perceval
Year :
Assassin :
John Bellingham
Result :
Remarks :
First and only U.K. Prime Minister to be assassinated.

Target : US President Abraham Lincoln
Year :
Assassin :
John Wilkes Booth
Result :
Remarks : -

Target : Tsar Alexander II of Russia
Year: 1881
Assassin : Ignacy Hryniewiecki
Result : Killed
Remarks : Assassination plot concluded with bombs.

Target : Lord Kitchener, British Field Marshal and Secretary of State for War
Year: 1916
Assassin : Fritz Joubert Duquesne
Result : Killed
Remarks : Killed on the HMS Hampshire by an act of sabotage

Target : German dictator Adolf Hitler
Year: 1944
Assassin : Claus von Stauffenberg
Result : Survived
Remarks : See the July 20 plot.

Target : Political and Spiritual Leader Mahatma Gandhi
Year: 1959
Assassin : Nathuram Godse
Result : Killed
Remarks : -

Target : Political activist Martin Luther King
Year: 1968
Assassin : James Earl Ray /Loyd Jowers
Result : Killed
Remarks : Ray was convicted on a guilty plea but later recanted, while a 1999 civil trial convicted Jowers and 'unknown others', while also noting that 'governmental agencies were parties' to the plot.[26]

Target : Saudi King Faisal
Year: 1978
Assassin : Prince Faisal bin Musa'id
Result : Killed
Remarks : -

Target : South-Korean President Park Chung-hee
Year: 1979
Assassin : Kim Jae-kyu
Result : Killed
Remarks : See Park Chung-hee assassination

Target : South African Communist Party leader Chris Hani
Year: 1993
Assassin : Janusz Walus
Result : Killed
Remarks : Anti-Communist killing

Target : King Birendra of Nepal
Year: 2001
Assassin : Dipendra
Result : Killed
Remarks : See Nepalese royal massacre.

Target : Dutch Election Candidate Pim Fortuyn
Year: 2002
Assassin : Volkert van der Graaf
Result : Killed
Remarks : The attack took place in a parking lot outside a radio studio in Hilversum, where Fortuyn had just given an interview.

Target : French President Jacques Chirac
Year: 2002
Assassin : Maxime Brunerie
Result : Survived
Remarks : Attempted to shoot the President during the Bastille Day Military Parade.

Target : Benazir Bhutto
Year: 2007
Assassin : Unknown Suicide Bomber
Result : Killed
Remarks : Killed while entering a vehicle upon leaving a political rally for the Pakistan People's Party in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

Click here for full list of the assassins and the targets

I also ask people about this topic at and I found interesting answer from Redisca

It would be impossible to list them all, but here are some interesting assassinations:

Julius Caesar -- stabbed by political opponents in 44 BC.

Edward II of England -- murdered in 1327 by inserting a red-hot metal rod into his anus through a tube. One reason for this method was that it left no marks on the body and made the death appear natural; another was that it was a gruesome perversion of a homosexual act, as a revenge for the King's many dalliances with members of his own sex.

Giuliano de Medici -- brother of Lorenzo the Magnificent, stabbed in 1498 during Mass at the behest of a competing family. Lorenzo was wounded in the attack, but survived.

Gaspard de Coligny -- Admiral of France and leader of the French Huguenots (Protestants), was murdered (strangled and/or stabbed) and thrown out of his own bedroom window on the night of St. Bartholomew's Massacre, 24th of August 1572. He was killed in his own home, where he was recuperating from a gunshot wound inflicted in an assassination attempt which had taken place only 2 days earlier.

Henry IV of France -- stabbed by Francois Ravaillac, a Catholic fundamentalist, in 1610.

Jean-Paul Marat -- one of the leaders of the French Revolution, stabbed by a member of an opposing faction while taking a medicinal bath, in 1793.

Elizabeth of Bavaria (Sisi) -- stabbed in 1898 while taking a walk, by Luigi Lucheni, as an act of anarchist propaganda.

Rudolf, Crown Prince of Austria (and son of Elizabeth of Bavaria) -- details are still unclear, but most probably beaten to death, together with his 18-year-old mistress Mary Vetsera, by French intelligence agents, in 1889.


Anonymous 1/03/2008 11:08 PM  

What a great article thanks.

Inspirator 1/05/2008 7:09 AM  

I'll never be a politician if it would jeopardize my life.

Sarah 1/05/2008 7:24 AM  

I feel sorry for ms benazir.

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