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Thursday, December 20, 2007

About Blog

I am tabuxander from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

As a father to my son, I am responsible on changing his diaper whenever he drops a poop and makes an unusual funny face.

Precisely at 12 o'clock until 6 a.m, I am put myself on on-call job, making a bottle of milk when my son is desperately hungry in the middle of the night. Now I am the expert of making a bottle of milk with my eyes closed.

Blogging is one of my favorite hobbies at this moment, (I'm trying to avoid from hanging out with my friends until late night and be a good dad and great husband).

2009 is the year that I feel my money has become smaller and smaller each month, I need to provide more money for my family. So I decided to make money online via eBay, and Bonanzle while maintaining my day job.

Linux is my passion driven inside head for more than 4 years now. Changing Linux distros become a regular habit when i feel the performance becomes a little bit sluggish on my EEE PC 701 Laptop.

Currently hooked with iPod touch and robbed her virginity (hacks, tweak, jailbreak, cracked apps, 3.0, and so on)

About Blog

This blog is about

  • Journal as a part-time online seller.
  • My EEE 701 Laptop and his fellow Linux Distros.
  • personal blog.
  • the Chronology of my life.

If you have comments, opinions, and advice, please do not hesitate to put a comment to post and article. I encourage the reader to spark a conversation between us so we can interact more, I really want to hear your responses.

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Anonymous 12/14/2008 2:36 PM  

Assalamualaikum tabuxander. Actually I'm the same person that leave a comment as anonymous on the fake raja ebay topic. Let me tell you the truth, I bought the ebook. Just want to know its content. But somehow, I have interest in internet businesses.... and still doing research and searching wat kind of biz that suits me. So hows your biz in ebay and lelong goes on? I hope u will achive a good level in this biz, and hope can share a bit bout your success. I came across ur blog accidently when i want to search bout the fake raja ebay....
feel free to email me . Im not very good at english, and more comfortable if we can conversate in bm

About This Blog

Tabuxander is a personal blog. It is a journal about my three white pearls:

Pearl #1 - my family.

Pearl #2 - my obsession about technology, gadget and everything in it, especially HTC, iPod Touch, and Linux

Pearl #3 - my experience about selling online via eBay, Bonanzle, and other online websites.

About me

I am tabuxander. Visit my wife's blog to know more about my family

If you like this blog, read my blog post via RSS and if you don't really want to do that, follow me on twitter.

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I have items to give them to you, but it cost you money. [via eBay! Malaysia or eBay! US | Bonanzle ]

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