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Monday, April 27, 2009

First Visit of Amcorp Mall Flea Market

Arrived at 10 o clock, still have a few booths yet to open.

First thing I found here and caught my attention was LP, one store has plenty of vintage LP that stuffed up half of the space. I don't know about vintage LP market online,

I came to Amcorp Mall Flea market with one purpose - to find coca cola collectibles. I found out too many good things for resale at ebay that can actually can make money, but I wasn't agree with the price that they offer. Quite Expensive!!

The collectible items that can make sale on ebay!Malaysia:
• Vintage Van Toys - Bus, School Bus, Firefighter Bus - avg cost RM 180
• vintage X- Factor comic that cost RM10 each
• World War 2 Books - I saw price inside was RM 10, but when i asked seller, ''adik! the price is RM 150!!". WTF?
• Coca Cola Collection - Camera, Cars, Posters, Bottles
• Chinese Tea Pot - Avr Cost of RM 50
• Coins
• LPs

Monday, March 30, 2009

Miniature Guitar Project Outcome and result

Project mini guitar 2 has come to an end as the March reached the 30th day .

For three month I've been selling the guitar at and I'm really proud of this project outcome. Buyers gave a good respond about this collectible miniature. One of my buyers has bought around 7 miniature guitar via ebay, he really interested on miniature guitar for collection. Guess his wall is full with this miniature. Thanks Marcusow


I'm unable to offer any customize design on miniature guitar to my buyers because I couldn't make a deal with manufacturer for this moment. May be in a few months, I'll be able to reach an agreement with manufacturer and make my own design.

Here a would like to list down top 10 miniature guitars that has been sold in this first quarter
  1. Dark Red Mini guitar with lighter function.
  2. Wall Clock Guitar with awesomeness.
  3. Drum Set Miniature with blue color
  4. Metallica Electric Guitar Miniature (this model is the hottest one)
  5. Rolling Stone White
  6. Rolling Stone Blue
  7. The Beatles solid white.
  8. Regular Miniature Guitar Solid Black
  9. Gun N Roses Design
  10. Britain Flag Miniature Guitar

Overall result for this project is really gives me inspiration to pursue further for selling this fascinating collectibles.

My Target for this project for 2nd quarter is to open new store at ebay and offers a range of variety of miniture guitar.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Project Malay Novel: Selling Novel Melayu on Ebay! Malaysia

Early December, My Wife and I have decided to implement small project; selling Malay Romantik Novel second hand book. At early discussion of drafting the project, we haven't have enough confidence in selling Malay Novels, but when we looked back at mid-year of 2008, we have selling 7 books of Malay Novel within 14 days. We proceed with the decision to run the project.

My wife then called her friend who have collection of Malay novel and she just asked her friend if she wanted to sell off her collection. At the end, she agreed to sell. Project started here.

On June 2008, I have sold 7 books that I have found in my sister's closet. Without asking further permission, I listed all at Ebay! Malaysia and the sales result turned up to be so great. Within 14 days, the books had been sold out. Most of the buyers are from women because they appreciate romantic novel that is full with emotion.

For the first week, my goal is to sell 30% of total book with bidding style, let the buyers control the price. 

Within 3 months, I expected to sell all the Malay novels to the respective buyers and hope I will boost my hiccup sales lately. 

I cannot disclose the exact amount of the projected profit, but I planned to achieve about 20% of the total sales.

This project will be reviewed and analyzed within one months period.

List of Malay Romantic Novels.
  • 1. Gelora Jiwa - Aisya Sofea
  • 2. Jalinan Memori - Norhayati Berahim 
  • 3. Kisah Kasih - Kreisya Reisya
  • 4. Hanya Kerana Cinta - Norhayati Berahim 
  • 5. Ombak Rindu - Fauziah Ashari
  • 6. Biru Ungu - Noor Suraya 
  • 7. Seindah Derita - Norhayati Berahim 
  • 8. Arca Kasih - Norzailina Nordin 
  • 9. Mencari Cinta - Leeya Myra
  • 10. Cinta Tiada Akhirnya - Fauziah Ashari 
  • 11. Tak Semanis Impian - Sharifah Abu Salem 
  • 12. Yang Terindah - Anis Ayuni 
  • 13. Kau untukku - Aisya Sofea
  • 14. Sayang Tak Terucap 
  • 15. Lewat Musim Itu - Norhayati Berahim 
  • 16. Sesuci Cinta - Aina Emir
  • 17. Senandung Senja - Rahman Daud
  • 18. Cinta Pertama - Norhayati Berahim 
  • 19. Rindu Semalam - Puteri Andalas
  • 20. Air Mata Kasih - Syamimi Aminolah 
  • 21. Pesona Rindu - Sharifah Abu Salem 

Visit my ebay sale items:

Monday, December 08, 2008

Payment Method when Selling Via Blog

When dealing with online businesses, I often use bank transfer as the no.1 method for money transaction, especially when dealing domestically.

I'm regular customer of this two well-known banks:
There are few options to do bank transfers as far as I know:
  • 1. Website - the easiest method; or
  • 2. ATM Transfer - check your main menu for transfer into 3rd party account and enter enter the account number.
  • 3. Cash Deposit - choose the nearest branches for cash in the money into the deposit machine. Make sure you provide the correct recipient account number. Here I include Maybank branches and Cimb Bank branches

When selling thru this blog, I also accept cheque and money order for business transaction medium

Another alternative is Card Credit payment via for money transaction. Usually I will provide the email invoice and there will be a button for payment.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Selling 320 Star Wars Ebook Novel and Short Stories on blog

Price for each ebook : RM 7.90
Buy 5 ebooks for RM 25.90

Selling now is the 320 of Star Wars eBooks on this blog.

You can find the complete list Star Wars of ebook here.

You may find the timeline of Star Wars as a guidelines.I know there's a lot of people doesn't know Star Wars Expanded Universe. .

If you don't know what title of star wars books that are worth reading, here I suggest:

[click on the title for summary and info]
  • 1. Star Wars Episode 1 - 6 : Although you have seen the movies which are great and astonishing, you should read the books.
    • Part 1:Heir to the Empire
    • Part 2:Dark Force Rising
    • Part 3:The Last Command

You might I want to see the cover art of the novel.

Star Wars ebooks are available in LIT and text format. But I will convert it to doc or pdf if you request.

This ebooks are only for Malaysia buyers only, but buyers from Asian country also allowed to purchase.

How to buy?
Email me the ebooks that you have in mind. If you decided to purchase, email [] and tell me the ebook title and I will identify it for you.

Step 1: Email me the title that you interested []

Step 2: Make payment

Step 3: As soon as I received the payment I will immediately send to you the ebook via email.

Payment method: [1] Bank Transfer, ATM, Cash Deposit Machine: Maybank, CIMB Bank [2] Paypal email:
If you don't have any ebook reader yet, I suggest you download: Lastly, If you have any difficulties, contact me [] and I will teach you how to read ebook on your computer.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008 is a fake

I was reading about
Raja-ebay via my google reader and it caught my attention. Many Ebayer have been talked about this guy on how this guy can make RM 80000 per month which is I know it's a lie and testimonial that he received showing that he is real and he is making money (again, it's a fake: call up his friend to put testimonial for him). Why I call it a fake plus scam:

  • He didn't publish his ebay ID.
  • He didn't show how many star he collected if he making money over RM80K per month
  • I caught his name on another website (Muhammad Munzir Yasin)
    • mesin duit - signatory name at the bottom of the letter.
    • - the bank accounts are stated under his name.
    • Ringgit-Masyuk - His name appears again, this time he put testimonial on that website.
  • He is doing scam business, hoping that people will fall into his trap
  • If he claims he is so good at doing ebay business, he never got highlighted from any media in Malaysia, or another country.
  • Damn you raja-ebay, where's your selling items? What kind of things that you're selling that you can hit RM80k a month?
  • His paypal table of account is fake,fake,fake. There's a transfer status, instead of received. His balance is growing up gradually and it's totally exposed a fake balance.
  • That is your face, Mr Munzir Yasin! You take someone's photo!
What should we do?
  • After reading raja-ebay website for the third time, I think we should report it to Ebay!Malaysia
  • Don't ever try to buy the ebook, it will tell you the same tips that offering over the internet for free.
  • Word of mouth is so powerful, so start telling your friends and families about this scam.
For further reading, read this forum

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Selling new Tupperware Rice Dispenser for Storage Purpose

RM 252.90
Item for sale right now is the new Tupperware Rice Dispenser for Storage Purpose

Length: 40.0 cm
Width : 20.6 cm
Height : 39.5 cm

Weight : 5 Kgs.

Get rid of your old rice container and get with the times with this sleek, stylish and oh-so-quick rice dispenser that complements any modem kitchen.
The reason to buy Tupperware Rice Dispenser
  1. Elegant solution that easily dispenses, keeps rice fresh and minimises weevil infestation in old rice.
  2. Adopts the FIFO method (First in, First out) , so rice is rotated for freshness. It also dispenses rice in the accurate amount you need without any spills.
  3. Its slim body minimises storage space and slips snugly into any corners.
Payment Info:
  • Bank Transfer: Maybank or CIMB
  • Paypal email payment:
Shipping info: click here.
Will shipping to worldwide, just tell which country and I will calculate for you.

Understanding The Power of Feedback

Some people say the feedback system has made Ebay survives while others collapse, until today.

Buyer's confidence will increase after you completely understand how the ebay feedback works. The feedback help to strengthen the seller's reputation and buyer can have enough information about the seller. So that the buyer can buy with confidence.

Before the buyer click bid or buy it now button, the buyer can go through the history of the feedback to review how the seller doing business with other previous buyer. There are some questions will play on buyer's mind; [1]Will the item arrive on time? [2] How about the packaging? [3] Was the communication with the seller is good? 

Feedback systems and how it works
+1 for every positive feedback [your star will increase]
-1 for every negative feedback [your star will decrease]
0 for every neutral feedback [your star will remain the same]
For sellers, try to get as many stars as it will increase the buyer's confidence as well.

Feedback percentage calculation= +ve / [+ve + -ve]

Ebay DSR (Detailed Seller Rating) is to measure how well the seller handles the logistics matter and how the seller describe the item. 

They are four criteria of DSR
  • Item as described 
  • Communication 
  • Postage Time
  • Postage and Handling Charges
Buyers can understand about seller's honesty, integrity, and efficiency. 

We can assume this as our Key Performance Index of seller. 

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Selling Cat Princess In The Boat - The Modern Art of Sculpture

See this item on ebay
RM 36.90
Title: Cat Princes In The Boat for sale

''The Modern Art of Sculpture - A wooden craft
The princess is wearing blue cheongsam
She using bamboo stick as a pedal.
She paints her boat same color with her wearings as well.''

3 dimensional measurement:
The princess
Heights : 19 cm
The boat
Length: 42 cm

The princess and the boat is best for the purpose of :
  • A gift for someone you care the most.
  • A decoration that beautifies your table or closet.
  • Collecting art and antique
Payment Method
  • Bank transfer : Maybank and CIMB Bank.
  • Paypal:

Shipping: Malaysia and Worldwide
Shipping Info: Click Here
Buyer from other countries please contact me:

Buy with confident!! Should you have any questions in mind, do not hesitate to contact me :,

Check out my other items!
Be sure to add me to your favourites list!

Selling Wooden Table Decoration as Collectibles

See item on ebay

RM 9.90
Wooden Table Decoration
Item for sale is wooden table decoration can be used as cup plate (as shown on picture)

Major Material and Color :
Finest Wood, Brown
Categories: Collectible, Table decoration.

The measurement.
  • Length: 12 cm
  • Height : 11 cm
  • Weight : 200 grams

This collectible craftsmanship is good for
  • Someone who loves wooden craft very much.
  • A person who looking for nice collectibles.
  • A gift for someone you love.
  • A collectibles lover.
Shipping: Malaysia and Worldwide
Shipping Info: Click Here
Buyer from other countries please contact me:

Payment Method :
  • Bank transfer : Maybank and CIMB Bank
  • Paypal :
Check out my other items! Be sure to add me to your favourites list!

Buy with confident!! Should you have any questions in mind, do not hesitate to contact me :,

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